The White Storm - 扫毒
Action, Crime
Release Date:
Ma Ho-tin, So Kin-chow and Cheung Tsz-wai are good brothers who grew up together. When they grew up, they were stationed in the Narcotics Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force. Among them, Chow has been undercover for a long time in the drug trafficking group. He can't live a normal life and make him extremely annoyed. Big brother A Tian and his detective brother A Wei often persuade him that he can return to the team after catching the last big drug lord. The high-level police force asked Aqiu to follow up to catch a long line to catch big fish. Chow was deeply dissatisfied. The last three brothers decided to go to Thailand to catch the big poisonous eight-faced Buddha and help Chow to escape. However, due to the safety concerns of Aqiu, he was reluctant to conduct a fake drug transaction with the Eight-faced Buddha. He secretly used the telephone to contact the other party and said that the transaction was cancelled, which led to the suspicion that the Eight-faced Buddha had bought the drug party Aqiu and others. After the war, the two sides forced Ho-tin to choose a rescue between Chow and Cheung. Finally, Ho-tin chose to save Chow, and Cheung was shot in the crocodile pool. Cheung’s death made both Ho-tin and Chow deeply embarrassed. The two also took care of Cheung’s mother who was hospitalized for her illness and amnesia. Aqi’s wife broke up with Aqiu after giving birth to her daughter.

Five years later, the son of the Eight-faced Buddha was killed in Hong Kong by the gang of the Tsim Sha Tsui gang. Aqiu and Atian found out that Cheung was not dead when he investigated the incident. He also married Mina and became the son-in-law of the Bahru Buddha. The trio was tied up by the daughter of Aqiu, and finally resolved the resentment between each other. The brotherhood was reborn again, and Chow reconciled with his wife and daughter. He learned that Awei and Duan Kun had killed the Bahraini Buddha. The son of the plan, led to the Erawan Buddha and removed him. In the night when the Eight-faced Buddha was a dead son, the three brothers chose to fight with the Eight-faced Buddha. Cheung, who had been suspected by the Bahru Buddha, was forced to cut off one of his own hands. After the fierce gun battle, only Aqiu, Atian and the Bahru Buddha survived, and in the case of insufficient bullets, Ho-tin use his body as a shield to make sacrifices, and the Eight-faced Buddha was finally killed by Chow.