Two Thumbs Up - 衝鋒車
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After living for sixteen years in bars, after Mr. Phat (Ngo Tran Vu), there is a means far beyond the black society to go to prison, first to implement the plan of heaven where he has spent many years calculating: Summon good brothers from the previous day, like Tang Bao (Ren Minghua plays) the repair staff of the bowling alley know all the machines, Do dude (Dam Dieu Van plays) boring stylist after the alley, and Lam Dong (Trinh Hao Nam plays) "evil car god" in the past, currently working as a minibus driver, teamed up to exchange a minibus into a raid car, using the most "peaceful" way, robbing a car illegal money. The plan seemed to have no loopholes, but it could not escape the eye of the police officer Xu An Liang (Ancient Co-Co). With the ability to observe and be more intuitive, he figured out Mr. Phat's and everyone's plans, though he had not received a formal order from the police, but he still silently captured the looting group " fake police "this ... But at that time, there appeared another rampant mob of robbery (Khuong Hao Van, Tu Hoan), the purpose is also that smuggling car. Will the real bandits face the fake police, real robbers with fake police cars, how will Mr. Phat and his brothers end? Plus a family of three innocent people, an ice cream car, a crazy lady and cockroach eccentric people who were on the road, on the night of dawn, took a crazy pursuit through ..