At Home With Love - 樓住有情人
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While a sumptuous house is easy to find, a good lover may not be so. It is through his father CHUNG BONG (CHUNG KING FAI) that CHUNG CHI-LEUNG (NG KAI WAH, LAWRENCE) and TSU CHI-LING (MUNG KA WAI, YOYO) are brought together as a pair. BONG leaves LEUNG in charge of his property agency upon his retirement. LING is a good friend of BONG’s. On his recommendation, she is offered a job as a Real Estate Broker at LEUNG’s property agency. Through close collaboration, LING and LEUNG have developed a deep rapport and have gradually turned from friends into lovers. BONG and LEUNG are not on very good terms and their relationship becomes even more strained when BONG has found a girlfriend in mainland China. LING has been trying to mediate between the two sides until one day, out of the blue, she decides to leave LEUNG’s company for the sake of money and becomes one of his biggest contenders. How is LEUNG going to compete with his lover-turned-rival?