The Hippocratic Crush 2 - On Call 36小時II
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Each takesone’s place, does one’s duty. In a hospital, each takes the noble mission of safeguarding life irrespective of one’s position.

Facing hisdying patients and FAN TZE-YU (Tavia Yeung), who falls ill during her pregnancy, CHEUNG YAT-KIN (Kenneth Ma) persistently shoulders all the responsibilities, which overly burden him so that he is out of breath.  Meanwhile, he re-encounters LOK MAN-SAN (Lawrence Ng), a long-retired medical expert, who has a divergence of opinions.  On top of that, TZE-YU suffers miscarriage as a result of a recurring of illness, so shehas to give up her career as a surgeon.  All of these send massive shockwaves rippling out through YAT-KIN’s journey of life.

In order to make YAT-KIN realize the true essence of not being so persistent and living the day to the fullest, TZE-YU is determined to change her major to learn a new subject.  For a moment, YAT-KIN can hardly accept it.  However, he notices that YEUNG PUI-CHUNG (Him Law), HUNG MEI-SUET (MandyWong) and the others have gradually grown mature, and each of them manages to assume the individual responsibility as a doctor.  In addition, with the inspiration and encouragement received from MAN-SAN and TZE-YU, YAT-KIN finally comes to realize that being a doctor is justlike a fighter.  Only through the awareness of one’s own capabilities and performing due diligence can one safeguard others’ lives.