You Are My Answer - 你是我的答案
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A story that follows the romantic entanglements between the experienced head of the major crimes division and a young quirky screenwriter.   

 Zhou Yuan is the head of the major crimes division of the police department. During an undercover operation to catch a drug dealer, he inadvertently crosses paths with Bai Xiao Lu. Her impulsiveness almost causes the entire sting to fail. Upon graduating from school, Lu Hao requested to be transferred to major crimes division to fulfill his aspirations to become a good police officer. However, Zhou Yuan's parenting tactics at work often result in tension between the two.   

 Zhou Yuan and his ex-girlfriend Lin Yao were having problems in their relationship. By some strange arrangement, he moves into Bai Xiao Lu's home thus beginning a co-habitation between two quarrelsome individuals. At this time, Xiao Lu's good friend Yuan Ming Qing starts falling for the simple and earnest Lu Hao. As the case progresses, the two couples grow together to learn that they are each other's answer.  

 公安局重案组组长周远(郭晓东 饰),因为一次抓捕毒贩的卧底行动,意外认识了女编剧白小鹿(吴谨言 饰),她的冒失差点导致行动失败。陆昊(赵顺然 饰)从一个高校的毕业生主动调入重案组,渴望成为一个优秀的警察,却在过程中和周远的“家长式”管理进行了一次次碰撞。周远与前女友林瑶(赵予熙 饰)的感情破裂而阴差阳错地搬入了白小鹿的家中,开始了这对欢喜冤家浪漫满屋式的同居生活。与此同时,白小鹿的好友,御姐袁明清(潘时七 饰)在相处中,渐渐被陆昊这个单纯真挚的男孩打动。伴随着案情的发展,两对情侣互相影响,互相成长,互相懂得了,原来对方才是自己一直在等的那个答案。