The Final Combat - 蓋世豪俠
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Ku Fung (Ng Man Tat) and Duen Hoi (Lau Kong), both are apprentices underthe Celestine Sect, must fight off their former sect brother Ku Yim Yeung (Ng Man Tat) who is also Ku Fung's twin brother, who has turned evil and women like due to learning the Maiden scripture and then formedhis own Maiden Force cult. In order to stop his former disciple Yim Yeung, Fung and Hoi's Si Fu took it upon himself to learn the Blissful scripture, but because this skill requires so much strength and power from the person using it they will die after only using the fighting move once. Not wanting his Si Fu to sacrifice his life because of his twin brother Fung plots with his sect brother Hoi to steal the Blissful scripture and learn the fighting skill himself so that he can fight his own twin brother and sacrifice himself. Unfortunately Fung and Hoi failed to get the scripture and Hoi accidentally kills one of their own sect brothers in the process of trying to steal it from their Si Fu. Fung is framed for the death of the sect brother Hoi accidentally killed, while trying to escape his sect brothers who are after him now for a murder they think he committed Fung falls down a cliff and is presumed dead. Hoi feeling guilty for what has happened raises Fung's son Yuk Lau (Francis Ng) as his own, but in the process neglects the upbringing of his own son Duen Fei (Stephen Chow). Yuk Lau grows up to be a filial son and good at martial arts where as Duen Fei grows up to be mischievous and hates martial arts. Yuk Lau meets Suet An (Yammie Nam) who is a disciple of Ku Yim Yeung and falls in love with her but because he is more power hungry he uses her to try to get the Maiden scripture. He eventually gets his hands on the Maiden scripture through asorceress who had stolen the Maiden scripture from Ku Yim Yeung. Yuk Lau learns the fighting skills from the Maiden scripture and becomes like Ku Yim Yeung. He takes over the Maiden Force cult from Ku Yim Yeung, in order to stop his adopted brother Duen Fei must learn the Blissful scripture.