When We Are Together - 遇见幸福
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A story that follows the romance, friendships and familial relationships of three old friends.  

Zhen Kaifang (Jiang Xin), Xiao Qing (Liu Zi) and Ouyang Yanyan (Guo Jingfei) were all born in 1978. Because their fathers were good friends, they've also been friends since they were young. However, things tend to change with the passage of time. Their reunion more than 30 years later felt strange and unfamiliar but as their fathers arrived, the three began to reconnect.   

At this time, Zhen Kaifang is an unemployed single-mom who's been divorced once. Xiao Qing experiences a new battlefield in dealing with her daughter who has just started university. Ouyang Yanyan who was supposed to be the one who had it all figured out suddenly quits her job to the surprise of her family. As they face different problems in their adult life, they turn to each other for comfort and find renewed hope towards the future.